The Best Minnesota Landlord Insurance

Apartment owners beware! Someone may be out to shake you down by offering cut price insurance that could turn out to be next-to-worthless

The rental market is hot. And with more landlords entering the market, some quite inexperienced, the clamor for insurance protection could lead to key risks being overlooked or underinsured.

The solution is to work with an expert in apartment building insurance — like Klein Insurance. We’re trusted by residential building owners throughout Minnesota to deliver reliable, cost effective rental property insurance protection for all categories of risks.

We provide landlord insurance for all types of rental buildings including apartment blocks, single and multi-family rental units, even condos that you own and rent out seasonally to others. We can also provide condominium association insurance plans.

Your Landlord Insurance Options

Here’s a sample of the range of protections that can be included in the Klein landlord insurance and apartment building insurance program:

• Property risks including structural damage and malicious damage
• Fire insurance
• Apartment and contents damage due to incidents in other apartments (for example, water leakage)
• Apartment building insurance to cover outbuildings, such as sheds, and boundary structures like fences and walls
• Personal property in common areas (e.g. washing machines) or in storage
• Personal property owned by you in a furnished rental such as a condo or vacation rental
• Equipment failure (e.g. heating systems or elevators)
• Liability for injury attributable to your property, damage to another property or for events such as wrongful eviction
• Loss of rent due to a covered loss — for example if one or more apartments become uninhabitable
• Landlord insurance for vacant property or apartments
• Umbrella insurance for particularly costly risks

How Klein Insurance Helps You

Our knowledgeable team of rental property insurance experts makes the process of securing your protection painless.

Our links with leading insurers ensures you get cost-effective coverage. But we know that business needs can change significantly over time so we keep your landlord insurance under regular review. And we monitor apartment building insurance market rates to ensure you’re always getting the best value.

You may also qualify for significant premium discounts when you insure multiple properties or accept a higher deductible.

We also provide:

• Mortgage insurance and financial advice
• Inflation protection on your policies
• Replacement cost coverage
• Renters insurance for your tenants
• Personalized annual reviews
• Risk management guidance
• Payment and billing support
• Resolution of payments and claims with insurance companies
• Consistent communication to keep you informed of important changes
• Access to other individual insurance plans including health care and life insurance

Get the Answers You Need Now

In a competitive market, you need to be sure the risks you face are properly covered with rental property insurance customized to your particular needs and provided by a highly reputable insurer.

You may want to shop around for the best coverage but, without relevant expertise, you can’t be sure you’ll make the right decisions or identify the best options.

Nor do you want to end up paying for coverage you don’t need or spending hours pursuing claims on the phone.

Instead, wouldn’t it be so much better to put your faith in Klein Insurance and leave the hard work and the hassle to us?

Even if you already have landlord insurance, wouldn’t it also make sense to have a free review both of the scope of your coverage and the rates you’re paying? We might be able to save a significant premium amount.

Act now for a no-cost, no-obligation discussion of your apartment rental insurance needs. Click the button and let’s get you properly protected.