2021 February Newsletter

February Newsletter

Show the Love

This Valentine’s day, you might be worried that the older traditions aren’t compatible with our socially-distanced life. But romance can still be had, even if your candle-lit corner table can’t be.
Love in the time of COVID-19 may not be a famous novel, but it can be a holiday to remember with a little creativity.
So, how can you bridge the gap between the digital and personal? Check out these tips for some modern ways to impress your favorite person this year:
  • Deliver it  – We are living in a golden age of delivery. Flowers, jewelry, fancy shaving kits, wine, and more can be ordered at the touch of a button.
  • Start a service – Panicking over a gift? Try a subscription service like Trunk Club or Stitch Fix for some expert help picking out the perfect gift.
  • Video date – Take your date anywhere via Zoom, FaceTime, or your preferred video app of choice. Call them from the first place you met, a romantic waterfall, or a candlelit room to set the mood.
  • Dine-in – Want to eat for two? Order both meals from the same restaurant and have it delivered simultaneously.

Enjoying the Chilly Outdoors

Have you been stuck inside for much, much too long? Us too! Maybe it’s time to brave the great outdoors no matter what the temperature may be.
Enjoying nature doesn’t have to be saved for the summertime. Hiking, camping, and other activities can take place all year round.
Sure, it takes a little more preparation and gear, but once you have that squared away, you’ll be out on the trails in no time. If you aren’t sure how best to handle the elements, we have some great tips to make your next adventure as comfortable as it is soul-restoring.
Try these tips to be a winter hiking pro:
  • Layer up – This time of year, you’re likely to start cold and end hot. Wear layers that you can remove as you gain elevation and warm up.
  • Pack snacks – Staying warm takes energy. Make sure you have snacks to help you sustain your metabolism.
  • Gear it up – Match your gear to the weather conditions. Nothing is more miserable than forgetting your rain gear or snowshoes when you really need them.
  • Protect your water – Below freezing? Put your water in an insulated container, so you don’t have to use your ice pick to get a drink.
With these tips in mind, soon you’ll be enjoying your favorite vistas once again, regardless of the weather.

Getting Out of Winter

For many Americans, a getaway at this point in the year can sound just about perfect.
But where would you go, especially at the last minute?
Taking a quick trip is a wonderful way to ease the mental burdens of the cooler months. And odds are there are lots of options a short drive away that can help you breathe calmly again.
From mountain getaways to last-minute beach visits, hitting the “Escape” button can sometimes be a lifesaver.
So let’s go over some great ways to get away from it all without letting it all get away from you:
  • Check last-minute deals – Most travel sites have last-minute deals for a range of locations. Check around and see if you can take a quick trip without breaking the bank.
  • Day tripping – Pull up Google maps for where you live, and try zooming out. Chances are some amazing places are within a short distance and could make for a spectacular day trip.
  • Cabin fever – Use your favorite short-term rental app and book a cabin to get away. Being out in nature in front of a roaring fire could be just what the doctor ordered.
It’s easier than you think to get out there and relax. Sometimes a change of scenery is exactly what you need to make it through the rest of the winter.