2020 December Newsletter

Ways to Give Back This Holiday

Ways to Give Back

A lot has happened this year. As many begin preparing for 2021, some may decide to give a little back to those in need.

If you’re used to volunteering in person, that may be unavailable right now. But you can still be involved and contribute in other ways.

Check out the following ideas for lending a helping hand at the end of this year:

  • United Way – Look up your local United Way or United Fund, and give time or money to an organization that helps many charities rather than just one.
  • Clear out your closet – An easy way to help those in need is to donate unused clothing or items. Go through your wardrobe or evaluate rarely used furniture for your charity or organization of choice.
  • App for that – Get tech-savvy with your giving. Charity apps help you donate your time and money to those in need.
  • Think digital – Charities and nonprofits are just as digital as other businesses now. Contact them and volunteer without ever leaving home.

You may be surprised by how easy it is to give back in today’s environment. There are more options for distance giving than ever before, so use your time or wallet to make someone else’s life better.

Gift Ideas That Are So 2020

If you’re like us, you might be scrambling for the perfect last-minute gifts. But what exactly makes for an ideal gift these days?

A tricky question to be sure, but there are some products out there that are great for getting through modern life. Here’s a list of fun ideas that can “wow” the people you care about most:

  • Webcams – Face it, we’re all living online now. Having an excellent webcam can make you appear more vibrant than what your stock webcams can accomplish.
  • Rent a shopper – Give the gift of a monthly subscription to a professional shopping service. Many of these curate clothing to save the recipient time while keeping them looking sharp.
  • Go pro – Everyone now needs a hype reel. Hire a local videographer to shoot a video about your person, giving them a leg up for their business, their job prospects, or just making them look fantastic and feel good.
  • The gift of sweat – Many fitness coaches have shifted their business online. Surprise that someone special with a month (or a year!) of personal fitness advice, whether they enjoy running, yoga, or a slew of other physical activities.

We all deserve something nice after the challenges of this past year. But we can also give some pretty unique presents that were impossible to gift in the past. Happy Holidays!

Hobbies for Hibernation

The coldest part of the year is right around the corner. If you haven’t thought about how you will spend the long winter nights, now is the time to start.

Even though some may dread the colder weather, don’t forget that you can look forward to tons of great activities. Having a hobby can make your time fly by while huddling inside from the chilly weather.

Check out these fun ideas:

  • Blog it out – Chances are you’re passionate about something. You don’t have to be a writer to make a blog about your favorite thing. Find a web service and start hitting those keys to connect to people just like you.
  • Virtual gaming – Boring office meetings aren’t the only thing to do on video calls. Schedule a night of board games, card games, or other fun activities with your favorite people. There may even be an app or website made for the game you love.
  • Distance learning – Being stuck indoors is the perfect time to learn something new. Online language coaches, woodshop classes, or even a new degree, all can be found to fill your hours with useful fun.
  • Get creative – Make a movie with your phone, start an art project, or try your hand at poetry — all with instructional blogs or videos. Perfect for getting children or winter-weary friends involved.

Stay active and excited, no matter what the weather holds. Using these tips, you can come out of the cooler part of the year with something great to show for your efforts. Happy New Year!