2020 November Newsletter

Level Up Your Thanksgiving

Level Up Your Thanksgiving

With America’s most delicious holiday right around the corner, visions of cranberries and stuffing are probably dancing in your head.

But, like many of us, perhaps you’re worried about this holiday being a little different.

Consider this: right now might be a great time to try something new. Many people have used their newfound time at home to explore new recipes and culinary skills.

Use these fun ideas to spice up your Turkey Day:

  • Dry brine – Get rid of that messy bag and brine your bird with a salt and herb mixture. This method makes your bird moist and juicy without all that baggage.
  • Bake it up – Use those newfound baking skills to add a yeasty delight to your holiday. Bonus points if you can make croissants (warning: it takes a while!).
  • Go international – Pick a culture you love and add some flair to your meal. Dumplings from Chinese cuisine, curry from Indian, or empanadas from Argentina can make your holiday pop.
  • Go local – Skip the crowded grocery stores and contact local farms and shops to find local ingredients. This can help make your meals taste better while giving back to your community in the process.

Take the opportunity of a smaller crowd to push the envelope this year. You’ll love the results, and have fun trying new things in the process. Happy cooking!

How to Rock Your Home Gym

Gyms across the country are trying to reopen, but in the meantime, most of us have found new ways to stay active.

While you may miss seeing your gym friends, many people have discovered that they love the freedom of working out at home. And the savings that come with it.

Over time, however, you might find yourself in a bit of a rut. After all, how many push-ups can you do before boredom takes its toll?

If you need to shake things up, here are some excellent home gym ideas:

  • Namaste at home – With tons of videos and instructors available online, yoga is easier than ever to do at home. Make a space for you and your mat to gain a lifetime of health.
  • Get cooperative – Missing your running group or your treadmill buddies? Apps like Strava connect you with friends, sharing runs, rides, and other activities to bridge the digital gap.
  • Peloton warriors – Right now, Peloton is more popular than ever. For a monthly fee, you can swap out gym payments for at-home guided rides to get fit and motivated.
  • Lift your spirits – Missing the weights? A simple fold-up bench and basic weights will set you back a few months worth of your gym membership, but give you a wealth of iron-pumping activities.

Don’t let your newly discovered home gym grow stale. Try these fun new methods for at-home health and get fitter than ever this Fall.

Home Maintenance Tips

Usually, when you hear from us, it’s about insurance. However, insurance doesn’t cover “wear and tear” or how your home slowly weathers over time.

The good news is that proper home maintenance can dramatically reduce the effects of “wear and tear.” Taking care of your home and knowing how to spot problem areas can save you thousands of dollars in potential repairs.

Not sure what to look for? Here are a few things you can keep an eye out for, and how to fix them.

Be on the lookout for things like:

  • Electrical issues – Surges, dead outlets, scorch marks, and breakers that keep flipping may be a sign of electrical problems. Contact an electrician immediately, as these issues can cause fires.
  • Water damage – Dark spots on ceilings or walls, noticeable leaks, and faucets that don’t work could be signs of water damage. If possible, look under floors or crawl spaces for damage and tighten pipe fixtures and fastenings. It’s never a bad idea to contact a plumber to evaluate the issue before you schedule repairs.
  • Roof problems – Old roofs, missing shingles, or patched holes can lead to more problems, usually water damage. Get your roof checked regularly and maintain it until it’s time for a new one.
  • Structural issues – From holes in the walls to cracks in your foundation, look for anything wrong with the house’s construction. Patch holes so rodents can’t get in, and use licensed contractors for major issues.

Keeping up to date with maintenance, and fixing problems before they get out of hand, can be the difference between an annoyance and a catastrophe.